Whatsapp Hacking Tool 2022

WhatsApp (WA) is one of the most popular and widely used messaging apps in the world today.

This application provides a lot of features that spoil people in communicating, especially smartphone users.

However, the WhatsApp application is still possible to be tapped for various reasons.

Moreover, the sophistication of digital technology today is very open to anyone to tap secretly.

Plus, there have been many whatsapp hacking tool that are so easy to download.

Here are 6 whatsapp hacking tool, summarized by Indozone from various sources:

Whatsapp Hacking Tool

1. WhatsApp hacking tool -Whats Web Plus

photo/apkpure.com Whats Web Plus is a feature of the official WhatsApp service. As the name suggests, this application can only be accessed via the web.

So, you can tap the target’s WhatsApp from a laptop browser in real-time.

This application also allows you to log in on two smartphones at the same time without being caught.


2. iSpyoo

photo/my.ispyoo.comiSpyoo is a trusted application for tapping WA, even used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

With this application, you can find out the location of the person concerned via GPS, as well as call history and other multimedia files.

Sophisticated again, iSpyoo allows you to hear the sound from the environment around the smartphone that is being tapped.

That’s because this feature utilizes a microphone. You can also record and save these sounds.


3. ClonApp Messenger

photo/apkpure.comThe next whatsapp hacking tool is ClonApp Messenger. How to use it is not complicated.

You only need a QR code or barcode from the WhatsApp of the person whose messages will be intercepted.


4. WhatsApp Sniffer

photo/PinterestThis is one of the most used applications by hackers and has proven to be able to hack other applications as well.

Using WhatsApp Sniffer doesn’t need to bother with coding or anything like that.

Besides being easy to use, this application can access the target’s WA in real-time.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp Sniffer cannot be remotely, aka it must be connected to the same network such as Wifi.


Remote WhatsApp Tapping Application

WhatsApp can also be tapped without having to be in a close radius / distance. Even from a distance, it can be done with the following applications.

5. AirDroid + Hider

photo/AirDroid BlogAirDroid is an application that can control someone’s smartphone even from a distance.

How to use it is a little complicated. You must first set up the AirDroid app on the smartphone of the person you want to tap.

Then, hide AirDroid with an application called Hider so that it is not visible to others.

Not only the contents of WhatsApp messages, this application can also tap other applications and not be discovered by anyone.


6. Mobistealth

photo/mobilestealthreview.comA remote whatsapp hacking tool that is quite effective is Mobistealth. The reason is, this application can find out complete information from the target.

Starting from location, call history, short messages, and so on. 

All of this data will be stored directly on the application server.


7. Spyera

photo/spyera.comSpyera can be used for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac OS users. This app can intercept all activities on other people’s cell phones.

There is also a feature to find out the target’s position via GPS. So, you can observe someone’s movement from one place to another.

Another advantage of this whatsapp hacking tool is that it allows you to listen to the sound of the phone from the person’s cellphone directly.


8. Whatsdog – whatsapp hacking tool

photo/apkpure.comThe advantage of the Whatsdog application is that it can access the WhatsApp of the targeted person at that time.

You can send fake messages to contacts on the target’s cell phone. Only, this application is prone to being detected by WhatsApp.

This application can be activated remotely. But, if the target logs out all devices, Whatsdog automatically cannot work.



The whatsapp hacking tool above should not be misused for certain purposes. Moreover, to endanger or trap others.

On the contrary, these applications can be used for useful things.

For example, monitoring children’s socialization or knowing the whereabouts of the family so that it can be anticipated if there is something suspicious.